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It’s about being healthier. It’s about being more confident. It’s about living life to the fullest.
At Lane Oral Surgery, we know implants, and what a difference they can make in your life. Such a single-minded focus has enabled us to develop the easiest, most comfortable approach you can imagine. A pioneer in the science of implants, Dr. Lane and his associates at Lane Oral Surgery work in coordination with your regular dentist to create that perfect smile you’ve been missing out on. Say goodbye to dentures and partials, and say hello to SmileOn! – Permanent dental implants in just one day. 
You have questions.  We’re here to answer them.
Q. Will getting implants hurt? 
A. This is a surgical procedure, but one that’s very common. In fact, every year, 500,000 more
Americans get implants of their own. That said, there is minimal discomfort associated with the procedure – but you’ll be eating the very next day. 
Q. I’m embarrassed by my teeth. Is it possible I’m not a candidate for SmileOn?
A. Good news. Implant technology used by SmileOn! and under the experienced guidance of Dr. Lane
makes it possible for practically anyone to be a candidate. Of course, like every case, yours is unique, so the only way to truly know is by visiting us for a free consultation. 
Q. I don’t like the fake look of dentures at all. How real will my smile look after the SmileOn procedure? 
A. More good news. Permanent dental implants from SmileOn! will look and feel like your own teeth because, unlike dentures, they’re physically a part of you. Better yet, they chew like your own teeth, which means they’re healthier for you too. 
Q. “Implants in just one day.” Really?
A.  Really. That’s how far this gentle technology has come in just a few years. The day of your procedure, you’ll leave us with temporary teeth and the smile that goes with them. A few months later, we’ll replace them with permanent teeth. That’s all there is to it!
Q.  How do I know that SmileOn! implants are the right implants for me?  
A.  At SmileOn!, we take the concept of teamwork to a whole new level. We ensure your satisfaction by keeping dentist, surgeon and lab all under one roof. What’s more, we work closely with your regular dentist (if you currently have one) to turn the very latest in implant products and technology into your perfect, permanent smile.
Q.  Does SmileOn! offer financing options?  
A. Yes we do. For patients who qualify, we work with you to select healthcare financing companies to develop a plan that makes sense. Realizing that everyone’s situation is different, we typically discuss financial arrangements in detail during our free initial evaluation. 

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